How public TV debates should be:
Welcome to the first episode on the dialectical materialist debate about the taste of pineapple on pizza, with our guests A and B

A: I think pineapple on pizza tastes nice and my friends agree.

B: I think it is the worst and most of my friends agree with me too, but I have no data to back up that this is the opinion of most people.

A: I don't have any data to back up my point either, lets conduct a longitudinal study

*They performed a three year long longitudinal study with many thousand randomly selected people all over the world to see how many people like pineapple on pizza depending on the location and how it changes over time*

Welcome to the second episode, not sure if you remember the first from three years ago, but our guests have found some new results

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Guten Morgen Ukrainische SSR!
Heute endet meine Mitgliedschaft im ChNPP - nach 9 guten Jahren. Ich habe gesteuert & geregelt, für meine Stromversorgung & für meinen Reaktor. Mit Respekt für alle Liquidatoren. Danke für Support & sorry für den Fehler. Macht’s gut & besser! Thx!

"The Polish resistance movement in World War II, with the Polish Home Army at its forefront, was the largest underground resistance movement in all of occupied Europe, covering both German and Soviet zones of occupation. The Polish resistance is most notable for disrupting German supply lines to the Eastern Front, providing intelligence reports to the British intelligence agencies, and for saving more Jewish lives in the Holocaust than any other Western Allied organization or government."

How come I didn't hear of that in history lessons at school?

Okay, ich installiere auch extra die Git-Pakete ausm AUR für die neueste Software manchmal...

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Ich verstehe irgendwie Fixed Release Systeme nicht, das muss man alle paar Jahre neu installieren bzw upgraden und z.B. wenn man das bei Ubuntu paar Releases vergisst, ist es recht anstrengend das wieder auf den neuesten Stand zu bringen, während bei Arch das meist mit einem Befehl gefixt ist...

Is there some 3D modeling program where I can have some 3D models and then put together by connecting pre-defined points? (Like in Kerbal Space Program)

Mit einer Ladung von 5 kg U-235 kommt es von 0 auf 100 km/s in 5 µs

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I did my own research 😒
I did my own research 😏

misinfo shitpost 

mph stands for meters per hour


Hello yes, I am fiscally conservative, I think all our taxes should be invested into canned beans

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