kicad file formats are such a collection of "let's just add one more hack so we don't have to re-think things" >.>

(specifically brought to you by "let's just rewrite the schematic file with the info of the currently opened sub-schematic one every time")

handling the edge-cases which KiCad doesn't even handle is also no fun.
re-annotating complete schematics could just work if eeschema and pcbnew would talk to each other more. or if eeschema would just send net remapping info. "was called x, is now y".



@ln *seriously considering Horizon EDA*

@x44203 steph likes it, so it can't be too bad ^^

@ln @x44203 it tends to suit me quite well, rachel is a bit more tentative about it

i suggest trying it to find out

it handles everything by UUID so it solves the remapping problem at least

@steph @x44203 fun fact: kicad just ignores the fact that it actually has unique ids too. someone would've just needed to add that fact to the net definitions.

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