Neofeud is a cyberPUNK game about police murder of minorities, social, racial and economic inequality, and the prison/military/police-industrial complex, made by a poverty-line POC social worker (me!) It's also 70% off now!

Hawai'ians / Pacific Islanders like myself are shot many times more per capita by cops in Hawai'i by US cops, and we have the highest rate in the US of police arresting black/brown kids in schools, throwing'em in jail.

The majority of Native Hawai'ians like myself have been forced out of our home country, or into living homeless on the street. This has only skyrocketed recently.

Illegally occupying US Empire in the sovereign country of Hawai'i continues dropping bombs, mortars, drone strikes, depleted uranium all over our sacred mountain, toxifying it & poisoning our water supply. Sounded like carpet bombing the other night.

As an indigenous person who makes games about colonial violence from personal experience - white / Western devs: please do not do this.

I actually uploaded the Neofeud game files to the online store from a Starbucks internet connection. My wife and kids and I were living in a Mazda tribute, and I was eating spoonfuls of Skippy peanut butter for dinner. Because Native Hawai'ians have been forced onto the street / away from our home.

"The median price of a single-family home on Oahu hit $950,000 in March. Its the third record high in a row and its mostly due to outside "investors". The housing market for 2021 is expected to explode further leaving locals with even fewer housing options."

Illegally occupying US Empire in the sovereign country of Hawaii is still dropping bombs, mortars, drone strikes, and depleted uranium all over our sacred mountain, toxifying it and poisoning our water supply. Just heard what sounded like carpet bombing last night.

Hey, look at that! US drops 15,000 pounds of C4-equivalent munitions from B-52 bombers on our sacred Hawaiian mountain Mauna Kea to test it out, poison us with radiation terrorize us, and flies the jets to Afghanistan to bomb some Uighurs into 'freedom'! Small world!

"the US is responsible for every attack in Xinjiang to destabilize the region and stop Chinese influence in Central Asia" --Sybil Edmonds, FBI whistleblower

(she was later sued by the US gov to not talk about this topic)

Former billionaire Uyghur Rebiya Kadeer, now works with US gov, admits involvement in effort to train Uyghur's with ISIS, hoping to bring more terror to Xinjiang.

Leaving this context out is like talking about collapsed hospitals in Iraq while leaving out the fact the US bombed them.

The US is not pushing back against China's growth because they care about Human Rights issues. They're manufacturing terror and destabilization, then lying about China's legitimate poverty alleviation methods of dealing, to stop China's growth, and profit from war and massacres.

Racism, colonialism and war are fundamentally linked. It's no accident that open anti-Muslim Bigotry ballooned in the lead-up to the Iraq War, and the new enemy of China coincides with spiking anti-Asian racism.

"We'll know when our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." - William Casey, CIA director

'A kind of brainwashing' - How the New York Times manufactured consent for multiple Iraq Wars, War on Terror, Afghanistan, Syria, Bolivia's Coup, far-right fash uprisings in Hong Kong, and is sad now they're not as good at manufacturing consent.

@silverspookgames "pro-democracy" protest groups in Hong Kong who hate China 🤝 far-right extremists in the USA who hate china

@silverspookgames @haskal
Actually valid criticism of China 😦
Billionaires being pissed at China allying with far-right groups 😎


@silverspookgames @haskal *billionaires being pissed at China and allying with far-right groups with the same views

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