Horror story idea 

Somebody should make a horror story where you unwittingly release nasty stuff in your home, like it starts with VOCs because you got some new furniture, then it gets to fiberglass because you live in the USA and apparently your mattress contains that, or you got some from heat insulation in the walls. And you don't really notice, find the itching a bit weird. Then on to asbestos because you bought something old and there was some wooly stuff hanging out which you cleaned away, then to mercury because it had a broken position switch / relay / thermostat inside etc.

Horror story idea 

Ooh and you accidentally break an old can capacitor, get the oil everywhere but don't worry further, not realizing that its made from polychlorinated biphenyls. And the lead pipes in the walls start slowly dissolving, an old watch breaks and releases radium which you proceed to inhale / ingest, and since you're a fan of ham radio an amplifier with BeO transistors burns up and spreads the dust all over your place, you inhale some lead cadmium paint which has turned to dust over time, your popcorn ceiling releases even more asbestos because you accidentally crashed something into it, your gas heater starts releasing carbon monoxide because the vent got clogged

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