Are there good brands for computer mice?

Ethically produced would be top notch. Linux compatible is a must.

Mouse wants: wired and around 5 buttons would be grand, so I can go back and forwards in browser.

Retoots appreciated.

@x44203 many thanks, hearing plaudits for Logitech mice. So shall take a look there


I'm not entirely up to date on it and need a new mouse though, or fix the MMB on mine, lol. Hmm, maybe check the manuals / datasheets / technical data if they support saving to flash...
@aza_leah You had a problem with one not saving the configuration under Linux, right? (Was that Logitech?)

@x44203 @athairbirb No, my MX Ergo sends different buttons fine and I can map them in X11. My Razer on Windows doesn't save config, but that's due to their sucky tooling, not a hw issue.

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