Do trains in the USA seriously look like this?

@x44203 Yeah, but this one is suspiciously still on the rails.

@x44203 <british person> wow, it's electric. advanced

@x44203 back home the train rails are black due to diesel smoke.

@x44203 can confirm US trains are super weird inside and out

@x44203 You may not like it, but this is what peak public transit looks like.

@x44203 reminds me of the (soon-to-be phased out) V sets in NSW, AU
don't remember any bullet holes though

@x44203 it was the 70s, they probably thought it was sleek
the insides have a purple and beige theme which I honestly love

@x44203 i feel like it's self-fulfilling because never updating/replacing the trains or adding new ones contributes to them looking like old junk which helps push the notion that they are old junk not worth paying for, then nobody wants to fund transit so it continues to look like old junk

transit is so broken here

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